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Telecom Construction Management Services

A unique package of construction management services targeted at Telecom and IT build-out.


What is TCMS?

Telecom Construction Management Services is a collection of methods & procedures developed by ND&A to simplify, track and report on every aspect of the Telecom and Information Technology build-out.

TCMS encompasses:

    • Targeted Services for Construction Management Firms and their clients
    • Telecom and all Low Voltage Systems
    • Improved Contractor Accountability through Project Tracking
    • Increased Project Profitability through Controlled Project Management
    • Enhanced Client Satisfaction (Scope to Deliverables Matching)
    • All Aspects of the Telecom Cabling System Construction Cycle
    • Post-Construction and Close-Out Services

Features & Benefits of TCMS

There are many elements that are key to the entire construction project’s success. ND&A recognizes that Information Technology and Telecommunication Services are as critical to your client as life safety systems.

ND&A concentrates on the details that pertain to IT and Telecom by offering:

    • Design & Specification Review
    • Contractor Pre-qualification and Selection
    • Construction Delivery Phase Tracking
    • Contractor Performance Monitoring
    • Low Voltage Systems Coordination
    • Certified Testing and Initial Warranty Filing Coordination
    • As-built and Turn-over Documentation Compilation

TCMS is Flexible

    • Scaleable from Small to Large Projects
    • Turn-key or Focused on Specific Deliverables

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