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Today’s complex construction projects regularly require the design and build–out of telecommunication systems and information technology spaces. These specialized construction practices demand a unique set of project management skills and technical knowledge.


Network Design & Analysis, LLC is a technical services firm focused strictly on Telecommunication Systems and Information Technology Design and Construction Management.

Our team of professionals organizes and manages the complex design and implementation issues of contemporary communication and information processing systems from concept to completion.

ND&A’s unique blend of experience simplifies the design and construction project management effort to make certain that you and your client receive the products specified in the timeframes expected.

We draw on our 20 years of experience to develop solid technology plans using a specialized discipline which couples products and services to assist you in selecting the correct materials and installation methods.

ND&A is your partner throughout the life of the project working with designers, architects and engineers from the moment the requirements are developed for program space through the final turn–over to the client. We help you avoid costly mistakes in the design and construction of technology spaces and telecommunication systems by closely monitoring and managing the entire build–out process. We are your telecommunication and technology experts, guiding you through these critical aspects of your construction project.

Read on to discover more about Network Design & Analysis, LLC's services and how our team can help you on your next project. Contact an ND&A Professional today for an in-depth response to your technology management questions.

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