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Network Design
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Network Design Services

Interior, underground, aerial - wired or wireless, ND&A can design it for you.

ND&A can assist you with all aspects of your technology project.

Inside Plant

    • Local & Building Area Networks
    • Communication Cabling Systems
    • Security System Cabling
    • Building Automation System Cabling
    • Riser Systems (New, Expanded, Upgraded)
    • Fiber-to-the-Workarea Solutions
    • Conceptual Budgets
    • Capacity Planning
    • Voice and Data Transport & Processing Systems
    • Identification, Decommissioning and Reuse Strategies for obsolete cabling and pathways.

Outside Plant

    • Wide and Metropolitan Area Networks
    • Private Services:
      • Wireline (Fiber & Copper)
      • Wireless (RF, Free Space Optical, Microwave)
    • Campus Designs
    • Regional Designs
    • Right-of-Way Research, Analysis, Negotiation & Procurement
    • Conceptual Budgets
    • Capacity Planning

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